Preschool and Kindergarten Classes

Young children love to explore, create, and play. They learn through hands-on experience, discovery, and trial and error. Using play-based lessons, your child will learn math, science, art, reading, writing, and about Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity. The fun, loving environment will help your child thrive and develop a love for learning. Christian values are an essential element of each day – modeled by our teachers and staff; your child will learn these in how we treat them and their classmates. As a result, children develop increased self-respect, self-worth, and respect for others.


King of Kings Preschool - Renton, WA - 3-Year Olds


King of Kings Preschool - Renton, WA - 4-Year Olds


King of Kings Preschool - Renton, WA - 5-Year Olds

Curriculum Goals

To help our preschoolers and kindergarteners achieve our curriculum goals for them, we

  • provide a wide variety of independent and small group activities that stimulate their thinking and learning
  • structure the classroom so children learn from each other as well as the teacher
  • provide interesting information about the physical and social world so each child is motivated to learn more
  • model the use of academic skills (reading, math, etc.), so the children see purpose in the process of acquiring these skills
  • provide a learning environment that encourages active experimentation

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