King of Kings Preschool Reviews - Renton, WA


We love our preschool and kindergarten kids and their families and are honored to play such an important role in their lives.

One of the best preschools ever!!”
Tina Warren Wyche, teacher, Renton, WA

“King of Kings has amazing teachers and small class sizes. All my kids loved it here.”
Mia Watson, mother of 3, Renton, WA

“The teachers and staff really care about teaching kids and have a passion for seeing them learn.”
Deborah, lawyer, Renton, WA

“Very nice and cooperative staff. My kid loved the school and teacher. He learnt so much. Highly recommended.”
Supriya Sharma, Renton, WA

“King of Kings Preschool & Kindergarten has blessed my family in many ways. Not only did I attend this program in the 90’s, but my 3 year old attended preschool there as well! I love that there’s a focus on learning through play, the students get a variety of lessons, and each child is so well loved. At the end of the school year I received a portfolio of my daughter’s artwork, she comes home singing songs from class & I see how happy she is. It feels good knowing my child has a safe place to learn, and at such a long standing program. I’m so thankful for King of Kings and the light it’s brought to our lives. I can’t recommend this school enough!”
Corey Koch, Renton, WA

“King of kings is the greatest preschool of all time. Over 12 years ago I still remember having so much fun. Take your kid here please.”
Rafael Anselmo

“Our family is so happy with our experience at King of Kings Preschool. As a parent I appreciated the organized and clear communication presented by the staff. The teachers are all so kind and we were always confident our daughter was having a positive experience everyday at school. Our daughter looked forward to going to school and enjoyed the many fun and creative projects she got to do. I really loved getting pictures and videos from the staff to see what the kids were up to that day. What a great place to begin a love for learning. Thank you King of Kings!”
Amanda Burton, Renton, WA

Good preschool in Renton.”
Lakshmi Bhimanapati