Tips for parents of preschoolers starting school

Tips for Parents of Preschoolers Starting School

A new situation, including starting preschool or kindergarten, can be exciting and frightening for young children. As a parent, you can use these tips to make the adjustment more comfortable for your preschooler(s).

  • Ask God’s blessings upon your child(ren). Pray for and with your child(ren).
  • Give your preschooler or kindergartener opportunities to freely walk through the King of Kings preschool and kindergarten. Encourage them to check out the toys, play areas, and bathrooms. Introduce your children to their teacher and teacher assistant.
  • Encourage your child(ren) to meet new classmates, try new activities, and tell you about one item of interest that happened in preschool or kindergarten each day.
  • Give a boost of encouragement when bringing your child(ren) to preschool. Share a hug and leave your child(ren) with the staff and other children already present so he/she may go about the day’s tasks. Use the same “Goodbye” routine each day for stability.
  • Guide your child(ren) in regular mealtime schedules before and after school. Adequate rest and hours of sleep also allow for a more positive experience in school.
  • Assist your child(ren) in learning to write their name after turning four years old. Be sure to teach your child to capitalize only the first letter of their name.

Early childhood education is an exciting time for your child. Be a part of it with your praise and interest. As a parent, you can play an important role in helping your preschooler.

On behalf of all the teachers at King of Kings Preschool in Renton, Washington, we are honored to share in your child’s education. Remember – we are here for you, too. Let us know what questions you have about how to help your child thrive in preschool.